The hospital has partnered with other eye care providing institutions and the World Health Organization in a campaign known as “Vision 2020” which is aimed at alleviating preventable blindness by the year 2020.  In so doing the hospital is engaged in a number of blindness prevention and treatment activities throughout its surrounding areas. These include:

13. Eye campOutreach: The hospital provides free eye care programs to the vulnerable communities.  The outreach team travels long distances into the rural areas where the community members do not have access to eye care institutions and do not have the ability to pay for the services.







14. Pediatric patientSchool screenings: The hospital also conducts free school screening programs to community schools at which most children with eye problems are identified and helped.






15. ScreeningCommunity screenings: The free screening programs are also done in old people’s homes and orphanages.




Ministry of Health: The hospital also takes part in activities at national level as planned by the country’s Ministry of Health, in its contribution to providing the service.