We offer the full range of specialized eye care services, including:

10. OCO

Comprehensive eye examinations and consultations;

Treatment of various eye conditions;

Optometry services and refractions with expert advice on frames and lenses to meet your specific needs;

Special studies such as visual field tests and ultrasound eye exams;

Minor procedures such as laser treatments, intraocular injections (Avastin, ganciclovir), extraocular eye injections, chalazion removal, and foreign body removal;


11. Cataract patientsA variety of eye surgical services for both children and adults, including:

Cataract surgery (both manual and phacoemulsification methods);

  • Glaucoma surgery (e.g. Trabeculectomy, tube shunt);
  • Corneal surgery (corneal repair, cornea transplant);
  • Strabismus (squint) correction (for children and adults);
  • Excision of conjunctival and eyelid lesions;
  • And evisceration/enucleation.